Day 7: The Day I Spent All My Money

Today was the day that we would be heading to Munich to spend the day there. Munich is a pretty big city so I was excited to get to experience what a city in Germany was like, since Augsburg was more a rural type area. To get to Munich we had to take a train and today happened to be the day of a Bayern Munich game. Due to their being a game today and most of Germans relying on public transportation this meant that the train was absolutely packed. Upon getting onto the train almost all of us expected for maybe three were standing as there was absolutely no space on the train to sit. Due to this someone had the idea of having us get off the train and running up to one of the train cars more towards the front in hopes of finding a train there. This plan ended in probably one of the most stressful moments of my life.

So, to follow through with the plan a large group of us ran off the train at the next to stop and headed towards the front. We managed to make it to a train car towards the front but were met with absolute panic when the door to the car would not open. With anxiety now building up we all ran back to the last train car that we were on only to be met with the horror of the fact that the door to that train car would not open as well. This thus left a large group of us stranded at one of stops along the train line. Us being at this stop was not a large issue as we could take the next train to Munich. The only problem was that all of our train tickets were with Sonja who was on the train that we all got off of. Being found on a train in Germany with no ticket was a large problem and would result in each of us having to pay 60 euros. In order to avoid this problem Sonja and the rest of our group got off at the next stop and waited for us so that we would not be traveling all the way to Munich with no tickets.


Once arriving in Munich we headed straight to the central plaza in Munich, known as Marienplatz. The New Town Hall in the Marienplatz had little figure in the tower that would move around on the hour at certain hours, sadly we missed the performance of it but the description of it reminded me of “It’s a Small World” at Disney. “It’s a Small World” is a ride at Disney that demonstrates how although there are different countries and cultures throughout the world we are all on one Earth together. At this attraction at Disney it is within a castle type building like New Town Hall and has little figures that also preform a dance on the hour during certain hours, therefore having the New Town Hall remind me of this attraction. It also seemed ironic that this reminded me of that attraction as it made me think of how the world is “such a small world”, seeing as something in two different countries so far away could seem so similar to me and remind me of each other.

After spending some time in the Marienplatz we headed around the city for another tour where we saw a small market along with various buildings throughout the city. On the tour our tour guide also pointed out the first Hofbräuhaus, so of course after the tour we had to go there.



At Hofbräuhaus I ordered the bratwurst as it is something my father cooked at home before so I knew I would like it. Immediately after eating my meal I made sure to apologize to my father as his cooking of bratwurst could not even compare to the one here which was delicious.


After eating our meal a group of us began heading towards the market to pick out some souvenirs. Today was also one of the hottest days on the trip, and Munich was very crowded therefore leading us to get ice cream on our way to the market to help us cool off. So far I had bought ice cream at least once every day on the trip and every time I ordered chocolate. Part of me regrets not trying another flavor but the chocolate ice cream was too good not to get every time so far.


Once finishing our ice cream we headed to the stores and I stopped into a sovereign shop where I proceeded to begin to spend all my money. Inside the shop I bought six shirts, two bags, three small mugs, two hats, and a postcard (which I collect). The clerk in the store was very happy with me, probably because no one had spent as much money in his store as me before, and I left the store with a lot less money than I started with and two large bags of souvenirs.

After leaving the souvenir shop I met up with the others in the market where we then headed the Birkenstock store. I had planned to go to the Birkenstock store in Munich as the shoes in Germany were sold at a much cheaper price than in America. So, of course, I bought a pair of Birkenstock shoes and once again left the store with another large bag and even less money.

While on our way back to the plaza to then head to dinner I passed by a Pandora where they had a sign that said “Sale Buy Two Get One Free”. So of course, me being me and seeing the word sale, I had to go in and buy something (I ended up buying three things). The thing about shopping in Germany is that different from America all of the prices shown are what you pay for the items, since tax is automatically factored into each price. With the price tag being what you paid my mind was able to convince itself that because of this it was okay to spend the rest of my money buying two charms, and then getting one free, from the store. So once again I left a store with now four large bags and almost no money.

After spending pretty much all my money on souvenirs we headed to dinner where I spent even more money. One of the things about Germany that was hard for me to adjust to was the fact that water was not free. Due to it not being free my mind somehow convinced itself that not buying water was a great way to save my money to instead spend of souvenirs, so I had not had any water that day. Given that it was very hot out that day and I had done a lot of walking with having no water, I was very dehydrated. With me being dehydrated I began to form a headache and therefore at dinner had to buy two very large waters which I down in order to quench my thirst. If there was one thing I had to change about Germany it would just be having water be free.

Once finished with dinner we then took another packed train back to Munich in which I very much looked like a tourist with my four large bags. It also wasn’t until the hotel that I realized I had no way to take all my souvenirs back home but decided to worry about this problem later and instead headed to bed so that I would be well rested for tomorrow.

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