We got to sleep in a bit the day we went to Munich. Our train left at 9:30. Bayern-Munich was playing that afternoon, so the train was crowded with soccer fans. For whatever reason, we decided to get off the train at one stop and try to find another car with more space. However, none of the other cars had any room, and our train left before we got back on. We ended up waiting at that station for a while for another train, then met up with Dr. Feick, Sonja, and several other students who stayed on at the next stop.


Finally, we made it to Munich. It took us several minutes to get our bearings, but we found the place where we were supposed to meet our tour guide. As we took the tour, what impressed me was the sheer amount of history in the city, especially when compared to the history in even the oldest cities in the U.S. Another interesting part of the tour was the history of biergartens and the open-air markets. People were allowed to bring their own food into the biergartens as part of an agreement between tavern owners and biergarten owners.

After the tour, we were given free time for lunch and to walk around. We all went to the Hofbrauhaus for lunch. It was very crowded, and it seemed like a fairly touristy place to go. However, the food was very good (and different from the food at the Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus). The sauerkraut was much better than I expected. I was going to buy stuff at the gift shop, but it was the same stuff as what they sell in Pittsburgh, so I figured that I could save some money and space in my suitcase.


When we finished eating lunch, we went to the market near the biergarten. I bought some gifts for people back at home and walked around the food stands. After we finished shopping, some of us walked to the English Gardens to see the surfers. The gardens were nice, but the surfers were really cool. I was not expecting to see anyone surfing in Munich! Next, we wandered around the city. Liam and I walked through the mall and ended up buying some clothes. After that, it was time to meet back up with the rest of the group for dinner.

For dinner, we went to a burger place. The burgers were good, but the most interesting part was they had trees through the middle of the table. They did not seem fake, but I do not think they were planted in the ground either. After dinner, we took the train back to Augsburg.

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