5/11-768 Steps


We had to get up early again to catch the train to Ulm. The first thing we did when we got there was walk to the Münster, the tallest church in the world. Outside, there was a large collection of Albert Einstein statues. They turned out to be for a fundraiser, but we did not learn that until later. We got our tickets to go to the top of the tower, which was 161.5 meters tall (768 steps).


The climb up was not fun. I was tired a couple minutes in, and the entire small, winding staircase looked the same. For all I knew, I could have been walking in place the whole time. However, towards the end, there was an open space where I could see how high I had climbed. It was amazing. Reenergized, I resumed my ascent. When I reached the top, the first thing I noticed was how small and narrow it was. There was not enough room for two people to pass each other. Also, it was really windy. The breathtaking view of the entire city made up for that, though. I would have spent more time at the top, but other people wanted to come up and there was not enough room on the platform for all of us.


The climb down was much easier than the climb up. It also felt much shorter. After everyone was back on the ground, we began the city tour. I thought the tour guide was very good. He kept me engaged the entire tour. I thought it was amazing how the entire city was levelled in World War Two, but the Münster was barely damaged. We also learned about a man from Ulm who invented a functioning flying suit but failed to fly across the river due to the lack of air pressure over water and lived the rest of his life in shame.

After the tour, we ate lunch at a pancake place. The pancakes were massive. They were easily the biggest pancakes I have ever seen. Mine came with veal on it, and it was amazing. After eating lunch, we took the train back to Augsburg. Once we got back, we took the tram to the University of Augsburg, where a BMW representative came to talk to us about BMW. I thought the section about how they are working on autonomous vehicles and how they see that technology developing was interesting.


When the talk was over, we were told to wait in the room for a few minutes. It was hot and stuffy, so we opened a few windows. Then, Simon came in with cakes for each of the students with birthdays on the trip (Jeremy, Lexi, and me)! I was not expecting that at all. The cake was great! After we ate cake, we took the tram back to the hotel.


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