We started our final week in Germany with a talk about German politics at the University of Augsburg. I had already learned most of the information both in high school German and in the Plus3 classes in the spring, but it was interesting to hear a German’s perspective.

After the talk, we went to Mensa for lunch. Again, the food was great in both quality and quantity. I still do not know what most of the food I ate was, but I liked it. After eating, we took the tram to Königsplatz, then to KUKA.


KUKA is the company that designs and manufactures robots that work on assembly lines. The first thing we did when we got there was go on a tour of the factory. One cool thing was the autonomous forklift, even though it seemed slower than a regular forklift. Another interesting observation was much of the work was done by people, not robots. I guess the robots are not advanced enough to make other robots. After the tour, we were given a presentation. While the content was incredibly interesting to me, the room was small, dark, and uncomfortably warm. To make things worse, the presentation was long. After what seemed like forever, the presentation finally ended. We got back on the tram and headed back to the hotel.


After we got back, we went out for dinner. I went to a döner place, which was a great decision. After dinner, we went to a grocery store to buy snacks. It was interesting to see the different brands in Germany. They had a lot of paprika-flavored snacks, which is not very common in the U.S.


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