5/18-No Kangaroos in Austria


For our free day, a large group of us decided to go to Salzburg, Austria. First, we took a train to Munich, and then we got a train to Salzburg. As someone who had never left the U.S. until this trip, I was amazed at how easy it was to just visit another country.

The first thing we did was get lunch. I got another döner sandwich, and it was great. After eating, we walked around the old part of town. We walked through some gardens attached to a palace, saw the house where Mozart was born, and climbed up the hill to get a beautiful view of the city and the nearby mountains.


We also saw many places from the Sound of Music. While I have never seen the entire movie, I still thought it was pretty cool. We got ice cream and went on the river bank to relax for a while. Of course, this meant we ended up taking a nap.


When we woke up, it was almost time to head back to the train station. Steven was hot, so he decided to stick his head in a fountain. We decided to get some dinner on the way, so we stopped by the döner place again. It was just as good the second time. We got to the train with time to spare and headed back to Munich. On the ride back, we reflected on the trip and how the two weeks went by so quickly. When we got to Munich, we got on the right train, but we were not sure if we were in the correct car or not, which resulted in another last-minute dash between train cars. Fortunately, this one ended better than the first, and we made it on the correct car (the one we were initially in was also ended up going to Augsburg, so the whole ordeal was completely unnecessary). When we got back to Augsburg, we were hungry and everything was closed, so we ended up at McDonalds one last time. After, we went back to the hotel to pack.


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