5/17- White Sausage and Obama’s House

As it turns out, the village of Oberammergau is not Obama’s house. However, we did not let details like that stop us from calling it Obama’s house. Before we visited, we got a traditional Bavarian breakfast of weisswurst, white sausage, and pretzels. The weisswurst was interesting. You had to cut away the inedible skin, and the meat had a strange texture. Despite this unappetizing description, they did not taste bad. I had three. The place was filled with older Germans drinking beer, which I thought was strange at 9:00 in the morning.


After breakfast, we went to Oberammergau. We were supposed to go to the nearby mountain first, but we wanted to wait for the clouds to clear first. We spent some time walking around the town, but it was mostly souvenir shops selling the same things. We did stop for ice cream, which was good.


Finally, we decided it was time to go up the mountain, which was called Laber. The fastest way up was by gondola. It was not what I pictured. Imagine a can hanging from a couple wires. That was how we got up the mountain. There was no place for us to sit, so we all crowded around the windows. Alan jumped around to shake the gondola a bit, which several people did not enjoy.


Fears of plummeting to our deaths aside, the view was amazing until we went into the clouds. When we got to the top, a dog ran out of the trails and into the restaurant. While it was very cloudy to one side of the mountain, there was a good view from the other side. We took a group picture, and Bob figured out how to use a selfie stick.

When we got back to Augsburg, it was time for the farewell dinner. We ate at the Ratskeller, a restaurant in the basement of the town hall. I got (another) weiner schnitzel, which was amazing. I could not believe it was our last day with the Germans. The whole trip had gone by so quickly.


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