5/9- More Than a Tire Company

We got to sleep in! We did not leave for Continental until 9:30, so I got an extra hour of sleep. Breakfast at the hotel was amazing (again). When we got to Continental, we were given name tags and a form to sign. In the presentation room, they had left out drinks and gummy snacks. Unfortunately, the drinks were in glass bottles and there was only one bottle opener, so people were coming up with fairly creative ways to open the bottles (I do not think any of them worked). Also, the gummies smelled like mac and cheese but tasted like peach, which was weird. The presentation itself was as interesting as a mostly business presentation could be for me.

After the presentation, we got to eat lunch in the cafeteria. I had some seafood ravioli, which was very good. At this point in the trip, I had not had any food I did not like yet. After eating lunch, we went on a tour of the factory. For our safety, we had to wear full lab coats and protective shoe covers. Inside the factory, they were mainly making computer and sensor components. The coolest part of the tour were the autonomous scooters that transported materials around the factory. They could detect and avoid objects in their path.


After we left Continental, we drove to Regensburg to take a city tour and have dinner. We had to walk on a bridge across the Danube River, which was beautiful. The city of Regensburg was not bombed during World War Two, so many of the historical buildings are still intact. This contributed to the historic vibe that the U.S. is lacking. During the tour, the cathedral bells kept ringing for what seemed like forever. I really should have brought a change of casual clothes for the tour, but I did not realize we could leave the bags on the bus.


For dinner, we went to a biergarten. My dinner was meat, potatoes, bacon, and eggs. In other words, it was about a pound of cheese away from being my favorite thing ever. We got to eat outside, which was nice until I realized that there were a bunch of birds flying overhead. Fortunately, nothing happened. As we walked back to the bus, the sun was setting over the Danube, creating a view even more breathtaking than before. We got back to the hotel around 11:00, and I went straight to bed.



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