5/10- I’m Going to Disney World?

We woke up early to go to Neuschwanstein. The bus left at 7:30. I managed to stay awake for some of the bus ride, and it was worth it. The view of the Alps as we approached the castle was amazing. When we got there, we walked over to check out the nearby lake. On the way up, we passed by a ton of horse-pulled carriages.

We stopped partway up to take a group picture with the castle in the background. We also got our first view of the countryside. It felt like you could see forever, and we were not even at the castle yet. After we continued up, we realized that Steven had forgotten his backpack and Dr. Feick had forgotten his umbrella. The backpack was still there, but the umbrella was gone.


We walked past the castle and to a bridge overlooking the castle to get a great view of both the castle and the countryside. I am not usually afraid of heights, but there were a LOT of people on that bridge. The view was worth it, though. We tried to take a selfie, but Bob could not get the selfie stick to work.


After we went back to the castle, it was time for our tour. The castle itself was interesting, but I felt like the tour was somewhat rushed. I definitely could have spent more time in each of the rooms we visited. Also, some of the rooms were covered up in preparation for an event. The gift shop was kind of expensive, but I got a couple souvenirs for people at home.


After we left the castle, we drove to Füssen, a nearby town, for lunch. The pasta I got tasted great. After lunch, we got some free time to look around the village, so we all went and got ice cream, which was really good. Next, we took a bus to Wieskirche, a large church with an all-white exterior. The inside of the church was amazing, from the gold decorations to the painting on the ceiling. We then got German doughnuts from a nearby doughnut stand. They weren’t anything like doughnuts here, but they were still good. After that, we got back on the bus to Augsburg. For dinner, some of us went out to an Italian restaurant on Maximillianstrasse.


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