Zurück nach Deutschland!

Servus! My name is Justin Chudzik, and I am a freshman in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. I intend to major in both finance and accounting, but I am also taking German classes, and I may add it as a minor. Financial management and financial analysis are my two biggest career interests presently. I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania , which is primarily known for its large Amish population. I have one older sister, and both of my parents are lawyers. My interests and hobbies include military history, fitness, hiking, investing and personal finance, politics and European soccer (Go Bayern Munich!). I am an avid reader, especially when it comes to military history, and I enjoy keeping up with stock market, economic, and political news.

I chose to participate in the Plus3 Germany 2019 Program primarily because of my keen interest in all things German. I have been taking German classes since the 8th Grade, and after my first trip to Germany three years ago, I knew that I wanted to go back. Plus3 is giving me the chance to not just go back, but to do so in the context of my business education. I am excited to visit German companies and see German business firsthand, and I look forward to working with German students during my stay. This will allow me to consider what I have learned so far in my business classes from a more global perspective, which will undoubtedly enrich my academic studies moving forward. This program will also allow me to continue to develop my German language skills. There is no better way to hone one’s language skills than to go to the country itself, and I am excited to supplement the German knowledge I gained in the classroom this semester with a trip there. Finally, and most importantly, I will have another chance to immerse myself in German culture. Reading about Germany and German culture can only do so much. The chances to eat local cuisine, learn about local traditions, and interact with natives are where the real learning happens. As I look to develop my German capabilities into a marketable skill, these cultural experiences will prove vital to achieving the level of competency I desire, and I also stand to benefit personally from building a broader, more global perspective.

I cannot wait to begin this adventure, and I look forward to building lasting relationships with my fellow American and German colleagues. Bis bald!

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