Bring on the Cannolis


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Wright, but I go by Ellie. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Italy this May to study the fashion supply chain. I am a currently undeclared freshman in the business school pursuing certificates in leadership and ethics and international business. I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but chose to leave what many call the Paris of Northeastern Pennsylvania because Pitt truly stole my heart. I have an older brother, Jack, who also attends Pitt and is a senior, along with a ridiculously fat cat, Casper, who I will miss terribly while I am gone. On campus, I am a member of Phi Beta Lambda, a professional business organization, and enjoy playing intramural basketball.

I have been eager to go on Plus 3 Italy since Pitt Accepted Students Day, which was over a year ago. Having looked forward to this trip for so long, I find it truly surreal that we are only 3 weeks away from departure. Italy seemed like the perfect country for my Plus 3 experience. My mom worked as a textile designer for years, and definitely instilled a love of fashion in me from an early age. I have a sincere appreciation for luxury fashion and am looking forward to learning more about an industry that I have been obsessed with since I was a little girl. I am extremely excited to see how these widely respected fashion companies have remained successful over decades, and for some, even centuries. Specifically, I am interested to understand what these companies have done to create and sustain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. This knowledge will hopefully give me an advantage in the job market. Through seeing the daily operations of successful Italian companies, I hope to gain more clarity on what I would like to major in within the business school. After two semesters of studying books and notes, I believe actually seeing a company function will be a refreshing change.

As far as personal growth goes, I am so excited to experience everything Italy has to offer. Strictly for research purposes, these past few months I have been binge watching as many movies set in Italy as possible. Every movie, including Roman Holiday, Letters to Juliet, and the Lizzie McGuire Movie, showcases the incredible food, architecture, and landscapes that Italy has to offer. I know from experience that traveling to any foreign country is broadening and aspirational, but traveling to a country known for its cannolis and gelato certainly sweetens the deal.

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