Irish it was May already!

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Lao and I am a junior at Pitt Business. Today, I am introducing myself on a personal and academic level.

I’m from Upper St Clair, which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. I’ve lived in the 412 my whole life and I’m still not sick of it. It’s a sign that Pittsburgh is truly a great place to live, and it will always be home for me. My family and friends are everything to me. Lately, I notice that no matter what happens in life, the people in it matters most. It’s not about the success, the fame, the money… it always just comes down to the people and the memories made with them 🙂

Academically, I am a Business Information System and Supply Chain Management double major (what a mouthful, try saying that out loud!). I am interested in the intersection between business and technology. Thus, my career goals are to work in a business-related role for a technology focused company or work as a business analyst. Other than rushing to class everyday and doing schoolwork, I am involved with various clubs to keep myself busy such as Active Minds (a mental health club), ASA, and CHAARG.

During my free time, I love going to workout studios and doing spin or yoga classes. My favorites are all in Shadyside and include Zenergy Cycling, Solidcore Pilates, and Yoga Flow! I also spend way too much time watching movies and tv shows (lately, I’m always saving my Saturdays for SNL and Sundays for American Idol). Lastly, I love the creative realm so I’m extremely interested in things like photography, film, fashion, and graphic design.

Anyways, I will be part of the Pitt Plus3 Program to Dublin, Ireland! It is perfect timing as I have an internship lined up that starts at June, and this trip happens in May. Pitt is one of the few schools with a Maymester study abroad, and I think it is an awesome idea. This trip is also unique as its specifically for business transfer students (I transferred from Dietrich Arts and Sciences). Lastly, it is technology focused and I am so excited for that. I am utterly fascinated by the world of tech and the Internet of Things!

Anyways, on this trip my main goals are to…

  1. befriend others on the trip and make great memories with them
  2. see the amazing scenery of Ireland like the Cliffs of Moher and the Wicklow Mountains (I love nature and am always down to explore)
  3. visit the tech companies, network with the employees, and enjoy the site visits
  4. sharpen my business acumen

Hope you learned more about me today! See ya in my next post!

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