From the Classroom, to the City, to Augsburg, Germany!

Hi Everyone! My name is Lauren and I am currently studying business at the College of Business Administration at Pitt. I plan to graduate with a degree in Marketing and Business Information Systems and then continue on to law school. It has been my dream throughout most of high school and now college to become a lawyer and specifically to go into the practice of corporate law. I am looking forward to the challenge that law school offers and the opportunity to integrate my knowledge of business and law.

During my first year of college I have become a proud member of Phi Beta Lamda and Delta Zeta. PBL has allowed me to gain insight into the business world and Delta Zeta has given me the opportunity branch outside of the business school.

I was born in the Maryland/Washington, DC area and have lived there my whole life. Although I was born in DC, I have always thought of my home as Buffalo, NY. I have grown up spending every holiday and major celebration with the rest of my family in Buffalo. There are three things they are known for in Buffalo: food, sports and snow. These three things are very true and possibly my three favorite parts about Buffalo. I have grown up as a Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan and that will never change no matter how long I live in DC or Pittsburgh.

My family and I going to a Sabres vs. Captials game in DC!

I was very drawn to learning about the automobile industry, especially in Germany where it plays such a major role in their economy and culture. I have grown up listening to my Dad talk about cars, especially German cars such as BMW. I am looking forward to getting to immerse myself in the site visits and projects that will take place. Working with other students from Pitt and Augsburg on the various projects will be a very rewarding experience. This experience will develop my professional skills on a interactive and cultural level. I am equally looking forward to learning about the culture and history of Germany, especially since I am about a quarter German. My last name, Bauer, actually means farmer in German.

I was so excited to receive the flight itinerary and finally allow it to set in how soon we will be flying out of Pittsburgh and begin this long awaited trip to Augsburg, Germany!

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