Going Abroad with Giulianna

My name is Giulianna Claricurzio and I am a current freshman at the University of Pittsburgh with an intended double major in Marketing & Supply Chain. I am from a small town “right outside of Philly”, Kennett Square, PA. I have always been a very outgoing person and love to be involved in many different things. On campus I have become involved in a few organizations. I served as the Marketing Director for Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity, this past semester and for the upcoming two semesters, I will serve in the position of Senior Vice President. I also joined Women in Business where I was a member on the Social Committee. This semester I also gained membership into the Phi Beta Chapter of Chi Omega Sorority. 

            I also love to keep busy with things outside of school. This semester I have been a Digital Marketing intern at a marketing startup in Shadyside where I worked with improving SEO and organic search ratings for a variety of different companies.

            As you can tell I have kept myself active but outside of work and my involvement on campus, I love to pursue activities in my two biggest passions which are fashion and health. I have always loved to shop and hope to one day work in fashion merchandising or at a large fashion brand. In this, I love to take time to explore the shops in Southside and Shadyside on the weekends. I have also been taking time to explore different types of fitness in these locations as well. So far, I have regularly been to spin, HIIT, and boxing classes over the course of my two semesters here at Pitt. 

            My high energy has allowed me to take part in a wide variety of different activities as well as stay dedicated to my studies. School is always my first priority and I love to spend time finding new places to study around campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. My two favorites are Coffetree Roasters in Shadyside and Delanie’s coffee shop in Southside. 

          I am so excited to be attending the Plus 3 Program this May in Argentina. This program was one of my top choices as it clearly aligned with one of my main passions which is health. I have always been very interested in the business side of health and think this will be an amazing opportunity to discover the relationship between the two. 

On a personal level I think this will be an amazing way to grow my knowledge and acceptance of different cultures. I have never traveled to South America and am excited to experience the energetic and friendly culture the Argentines uphold. On a professional level, I am excited to grow my knowledge of the way business interacts with different industries, in this case healthcare management. As I have begun to discover business is vital to any company or organization. Finally, on an academic level I am excited to experience the differences between our American University and the University in Argentina. I believe this will be a very eye-opening experience to talk with the students at the University and look into how their academics vary from ours. 

            I can’t wait to share my experiences as I depart for Argentina!

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