A World Awaits in Milan!

Hey everyone! My name is Erick Patterson and I am close to finishing my first year at The University of Pittsburgh and it has been amazing. I plan to graduate with a degree in Finance and a certificate in Business Analytics. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my mother and sister, and we all share a love for fashion and traveling. During my first year at Pitt, I worked with Jumpstart America which is focused on building literacy skills for Pre-K students. I also completed the LEADS program which stands for leaders engaging and developing strengths and it has helped me grow into a much better leader today. I have also been elected as the Membership Chair for the Roberto Clemente Minority Business Association next semester, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to make this the best business organization at the university.

I am very excited to study abroad because it presents me with an opportunity to develop myself culturally, professionally, and academically. Plus3 Italy is giving us the chance to study the supply chain of the fashion industry in Italy and highlight why Italy has garnered the reputation of a top producer in high fashion. This program couldn’t be any more perfect for me because it combines many of my interests. I’m very curious, and I’m always interested to know exactly how things work, so studying the supply chain fascinates me because it gives me a better understanding of how the products I purchase actually get to me. I also love to travel and have been to Europe multiple times for vacation, but I like the fact that I’m going this time in an academic setting which will open my eyes to new things, and allow me to gain a new appreciation for the culture.

In the Plus3 Italy program, I really hope to gain a better understanding of the business aspect of the fashion industry and figure out ways I can help to change some of the problems as an end buyer. Academically, I have always leaned towards finance, but since starting the Plus3 program I have gained a huge interest in supply chain management, and I hope that the trip will provide me with some more information on the field, and help me figure out how I can be involved with it in the future. Academics and professionalism will of course be my main focus during the program, but I will also be a tourist and I am very excited to see the marvelous things Italy has to offer. Italy is a beautiful city and the architectural style has always caught my eye, so seeing this in person will be amazing to me. On top of that, pasta is by far my favorite food, so this is the perfect place for me to be. I love trying new foods, and being able to try them in a place that has a great reputation for its pasta will be amazing.

I can’t wait to start this new journey! Ciao!

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