Exploring my Passion in Fashion

Ciao! My name is Marc Knipe and I am currently finishing up my freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh and I couldn’t be anymore excited for our Italy trip this May! I am a student in the Undergraduate business school and plan on pursuing a major in finance as well as a minor in computer science. I hope to use these skills to someday work for a consulting company outside of the United States. With that being said, the Plus3 program is perfect for me because it offers tours of respected Italian textile companies that will give me an idea of what companies I may be interested in!

Although I was born in Arlington, Virginia, I grew up with my parents and two siblings in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I chose to study at the University of Pittsburgh because the urban style of living and the bustling atmosphere of Oakland was something I had never experienced before. With so much to do on campus there is never a dull moment! In terms of involvement here at the University of Pittsburgh, I am currently a member of the Undergraduate Finance Club as well as a new member in Phi Beta Lambda. In addition, I participated on an intramural soccer team my first semester and have just finished officializing my own Tennis Intramural Club! Although I am no Messi or Ronaldo, I enjoy watching high skill level soccer games. While abroad in Italy, I hope to attend a regional soccer match!

I am ecstatic about having the opportunity to study supply chain management in Italy. I hope to learn how the high status brands of Italy can be so meticulously manufactured while being so profitable at the same time. In addition, I hope to discover why Americans typically prioritize purchasing Italian clothing over the common “Made in America” brands. Apart from the actual textile supply chain, I am excited to observe how the European work culture differs from that of America’s. While Americans focus on materialistic factors like money and assets, Europeans tend to focus on enjoying themselves and increasing their quality of life. I hope to learn how they are able to maintain their high level of success with so much of their time being focused on increasing and maintaining their mental health. Maybe I’ll even be able apply this new found information to my own balance of work and self-care!

Although I am excited for the supply chain side of Italy, I can hardly contain myself for all of the cultural site visits we are going to be experiencing. With Milan being such a significant location for the Renaissance, I have no doubt we’ll be able to see iconic pieces of art from that period. In addition to cultural significance, I hope to do some family research while abroad in Italy. As long as I can remember, my mom has always told me stories of how her great grandpa Santomaro traveled to America from Verona at the turn of the century. While in Verona I hope to explore the district where my great great grandfather grew up and then report my findings back to my family!   

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