Seoul Searching in South Korea

Hey everyone! My name is Maria Mysliwiec, and I am a rising sophomore in the Swanson School of Engineering. I just recently declared Chemical Engineering as my major, and also plan to pursue an Electrical Engineering minor throughout my next three years at Pitt. I am very excited and honored to travel to South Korea as a member of Pitt’s Plus3 program this May!

I come from a small town in Northern New Jersey, but I have a lot of experience traveling outside of the country. I have spent many summers traveling across Europe to visit my family in Poland and experience the sights that European countries like Spain, Austria, Italy, and more have to offer. Despite my history of travel, I am certain that this trip to South Korea will be nothing like what I have experienced before. I am very eager to finally add South Korea to my list of countries visited and immerse myself fully into the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities this program will provide to me.

Here at Pitt, I am involved in Pitt’s chapter of Breakthrough Pittsburgh, which is an academic enrichment program for underserved students. As the Business Manager of Breakthrough, I ensure that the club is on track to meet its financial goal and has the resources to accomplish our objectives. I am also a student consultant working for Incline Consulting, in which I work with nonprofits to provide financial and organizational advice, and a member of the Outdoors Club. I love caving and exploring new hiking paths whenever possible!

I chose to study at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering because of the endless opportunities I am surrounded by on campus, such as Plus3. Furthermore, I love studying at a university integrated into the city and being a part of the diverse community that  embodies Pitt. I have found myself spending a great deal of time in the heart of the Swanson School of Engineering, Benedum Hall, along with my peers as we work on our engineering design projects and various schoolwork. It was here at Pitt that my passion for programming was rekindled as I learned new coding languages in my engineering class. I look forward to taking more advanced programming courses in the future and fueling this passion with hands-on experiences such as the one I am to embark on in South Korea.

I applied to Plus 3 Korea because of my interest in learning more about the underlying mechanisms that controls a ‘smart system.’ This technology is advanced to the point that it is able to analyze a situation and function appropriately; I am determined to observe and learn about these systems from the experts, professors, and students I meet in Korea. I look forward to hearing the opinion of Korean citizens about the implementation of smart systems in their society and the social benefits/disadvantages. Furthermore, I am very excited to tour companies such as Adidas because I hope to gain an understanding of the corporate environment. On another note, as someone who was raised in a Korean community, I am extremely excited to sightsee in Korea and experience the cuisine in country!

Thank you and stay tuned for my next post in a week (as my Seoul searching begins)!

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