Jack’s Journey to Italy

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Kremer and I am a freshman studying industrial engineering with a minor in economics at the University of Pittsburgh. I am from Wexford, Pennsylvania where I originally attended Pine-Richland High School. Outside of my coursework, I keep myself busy at Pitt by participating on the club golf team and serving as a member in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club. If I am not studying or playing golf, then you can find me on the basketball courts or at the gym where I like to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The opportunity to travel to Italy this summer makes me excited because not only will I be enjoying the delicious food which originates from the country, but I also will be expanding my knowledge on a topic closely related to my major: the supply chain of the fashion industry. Although the freshman engineering curriculum does not place a heavy emphasis on supply chain, I know down the road it will serve me well to have a basic understanding of the topic. I am very excited to tour and get a hands-on learning experience of silk producers, shoe makers, and many more! Milan, Italy is regarded as the fashion capital of the world and there is no better place to study the supply chain of the fashion industry.

Beyond the academic experience, I look forward to embracing the Italian culture and learning more about the history of the country. Thankfully my time in Italy will not be limited to just Milan because we also have trips planned for Venice and Como. This is very exciting because I have always wanted to ride a gondola in Venice. After riding the gondola, I want to try authentic Italian gelato which is world-renowned. As a dessert addict, I will probably want to try all of the flavors available, but we will see if I am actually able to stomach that much gelato! In addition, I want to interact with the locals because we have spent a lot of time learning about Italian people from a book. However, books do not always do the best job conveying feelings and experiences, and I want to see if the Italian people and culture are accurately depicted in our book.

Not only does this trip offer tons of benefits from a cultural standpoint, but it also will help me become a more knowledgeable and diverse professional. The world is becoming increasingly connected and an understanding of a different culture will help me succeed in my future career. I plan on traveling while I am young, and I hope my experiences will help me grow as a leader and future professional. Hopefully, I will look back on this trip to Italy and recognize it as a great stepping stone which helped boost my career. May 4th cannot come soon enough!

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