No Cappuccinos After Lunch

After a much-needed night of sleep, our second day in Milan began. Breakfast at the hotel consisted of croissants, eggs, fresh fruits, juices, and coffee, and my cappuccino was delicious. Compared to the complimentary breakfasts at chain hotels in the US, this breakfast tasted wonderful. Following breakfast, Mirelle an Italian native, gave us a crash course on the language, culture, and basic conversational skills. I found this lesson very interesting and fun. I am excited to use my new Italian phrases when ordering coffee at al bar. The words and phrases we learned will be useful when eating at restaurants, ordering coffee, and greeting any Italian person we meet. She also instructed us on some important cultural information: ciao is too informal to use with older individuals and strangers, cheese is not to be eaten with seafood pasta, and boys cannot wear white socks or flip flops! Most importantly, it is a social rule that cappuccinos are not to be drank after morning time. And it is a very serious matter.

A few of us ate lunch at a nearby café and had sandwiches, and used our newly learned Italian ordering phrases. The rest of the afternoon was spent on a walking tour of Milan guided by Valerie that led our entire group. We began walking through a modern part of the city that was recently built. Highrise buildings are less common in Europe than in the US, and they were woven gracefully in with the historic buildings. We stopped at a cool market named “EATALY” for some gelato (which reminded me of a mix between whole foods and anthropologie). I think it’s a goal of mine to have at least one gelato every day!

On the tour we paused to listen about and look at statues, architecture, and other fun facts. Towards the end we visited the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is an open shopping mall of designer stores. The mall itself was beautiful because the ceiling was glass and the walls was intricate and gold. The final stop on our tour was the famous Milan cathedral – Duomo di Milano. The structure was amazingly designed and larger than I expected. Although we did not go inside today, I would definitely consider going back another day to see what it looks like. After the tour we took MANY photos of the Duomo and Galleria and took a new route through Milan back to the hotel. I have never experienced a place like this city. Every person is so uniquely and fashionable dressed and styled, and every building is appealing in both modern and historic ways. I have to mention how cool the balconies are here! Almost every balcony that I have seen has some sort of greenery on it, some are even full of plants. I am looking forward to my pasta for dinner tonight and visiting the university and museum tomorrow!


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