Another Argentine Day

After another great day at Austral , it’s safe to say that they are one of the top medical center’s I have ever seen in terms of value and culture. Both the pursuit of truth and culture of life are highly valued in Austral’s mission statement and it was nice to see how they implemented their mission statement in their medical center’s services. In their pursuit of truth, Austral consistently strived to develop and implement the most effective tactics while operating their medical center. For example, in the triage unit, nurses used a Canadian system to rate the severity of a patients in terms of how quickly they needed to be treated in order to help those with the most threatening conditions first. The medical center also had many doctors who had studied in the United States and learned several important procedures. One doctor that spoke today actually studied in Pittsburgh under Thomas Starzl who performed the world’s first live transplant. Austral had shown they were continuously pursuing truth with the best possible doctors and information in their medical center along with continuous research they constructed. Austral is currently researching rat and mice reactions to treatments in order to find out which may help humans, specifically in regards to pain tolerance.

In regards to Austral’s culture of life, they worked specifically on bringing value to patients and giving them the best treatments possible. In his lecture, Dr. Marcello Villar put a great emphasis on value for patients. By saying this, he wanted to explain that the great care and time that Austral puts into its patients should outweigh the price of receiving treatments. I also learned that from its Catholic roots, Austral places a great emphasis on serving others and giving back to those in need which is an excellent example of their culture of life. Austral put a great deal of effort into caring for patients which I could see today as they monitored everyone in the ICU from their desk making sure each patient was accommodated at all times. Austral’s emphasis on quality and value directly correlate to their mission statement which speaks of the pursuit of truth and the culture of life.

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