Chapter 4: Truth, Culture, and a Hospital Tour

Today, which was our third day in Buenos Aires, consisted of a tour of the Austral Hospital, a mixer with the undergraduate business and nursing students who studied at the university, as well as a guest lecturer from our university Dr. Grant Marsolf. Our hospital tour started off our tour and we were able to go to the ICU, the NICU, the Emergency room, and visit the pediatric center. As a business student, it was cool to see parts of the hospital that I may never get to see back in the US. However, looking back on both today and yesterday I think that the entirety of what we have been shown in some way has reflected the hospital’s mission which discusses, “pursuit of truth and a culture of life.” 

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of this mission statement is some of what Dr. Gastón Gabin talked about yesterday pertaining to the value of the care to each patient that Austral treats. I think that this way of operation considers the culture of life that exists in the hospital because it reflects the nature of the culture in a way that shows just how much they look out for each other. Gabin also explained that he and a team are working on an application called The Hive to connect the providers to the patients and to the hospital systems. While this app is meant to improve some of the inconsistencies in the system as well as its effectiveness, it also serves as a tool for patients to keep a track record of their health. The development of applications such as The Hive do produce profit, but its greater purpose is to improve the quality of life for their patients and to provide the best resources to do this. While this is not a direct affiliate with the university and Austral’s hospital it speaks to their culture of life in that it benefits people who seek medical attention in the country, to the best of their abilities.

As we began our tour of the hospital today I was immediately attentive to the passion the nurses had for their jobs. Even the simplest of things such as the explanation of the Canadian inspired triage system that the hospital uses in their emergency unit they spoke up with passion. I think that systems such as this, as well as technologies that they use in their hospitals such as bone marrow transplants are beyond some of the capabilities of some of the other medical facilities in Argentina. As a result, I think that the work that they do at Austral is in many ways of model to other hospitals. Serving as a model in some ways reflects their mission of seeking truth because they are seeking out the best way to treat their patients that they believe will be the most ethical and effective. Even the incorporation of the Christian values into some of their mission exhibits this truth because they are treating in a way in which they believe is ethically right, and treating their patients with a passion for the job, that can clearly be seen. Treating their patients with the values that they hold I believe upholds the truth they set forth in their mission statement to the greatest extent. 

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