Day 3: Touring the Hospital

Today was the most exciting day thus far in Argentina.  We went back to Austral in Pilar, but today we got a tour of the hospital and got to interact with both graduate students in the business school, and undergraduate students from various programs.  We also listened to Grant give his lecture about financing healthcare in both the US and Argentina.

The hospital at Austral has a mission statement that mentions their dedication to the “pursuit of truth and a culture of life.”  This mission is achieved in a few different ways throughout the hospital:

  1. One thing that shows that the Austral hospital is dedicated to a culture of life is the innovations that people like Dr. Gabin are working on in order to try to increase patients’ overall quality of life.  The HIVE is an app that people can use as a resource to connect them to the proper healthcare providers for their condition.  This exemplifies a culture of life because it allows people to easily be treated and possibly receive lifesaving care much more easily.  Another thing that Dr. Gabin discussed was making sure that patients are getting the most value out of the money that they spend on healthcare.  This is also characteristic of a culture of life because it ensures that Argentinians are not being ripped off when spending their hard-earned money on health expenses.
  2. Another thing that I saw in the hospital is the genuine passion and excitement all of the nurses showed toward their job.  Every nurse I encountered on my group’s tour of the hospital seemed so excited to talk about what they do on a day-to-day basis, and this attitude is crucial to a hospital’s overall success, in my opinion.  The nurses are the ones who do the actual caring for the patients, so if they do not care about their jobs and are just working to get a paycheck, then the patients will not get the care they need and therefore the hospital will not thrive the way it should.  The enthusiasm the nurses at Austral showed is a perfect example of a culture of life.
  3. One final thing I believe shows a pursuit of truth by the hospital is the fact that they have doctors at their hospital who have spent time in other countries learning and practicing lifesaving skills such as liver transplants. A transplant surgeon spoke to us today about his fellowship at UPMC Presbyterian on Pitt’s campus back in the 1980s.  He is the most renowned transplant surgeon in Argentina, and the fact that Austral has him at their hospital is an incredible resource for people all over the country.  Austral works towards maintaining the pursuit of truth by ensuring that they are giving their patients the most revolutionary procedures in order to save lives.

Tomorrow, we are going to visit a pharmaceutical company and then the ESMA Museum.  Check back tomorrow to hear all about it!

*Picture shows a wall in the graduate business school at Austral (sadly, we could not take any pictures inside the hospital).

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