Day 2: Fancy Food and Phu My Hung

Phu My Hung is a city in progress in South Saigon that houses all you could ask for and more.

South Saigon was a site where guerrilla warfare occurred during the war so after the war there was nothing but swamp, fields, and maybe a run-down house or two. After the war when the country began to develop, South Saigon was never considered to be developable because of lack of a solid base to build stuff upon; at least, that was until Phu My Hung provided a plan to develop the land from the works of American designers, Japanese technicians, and Vietnamese ideas. The overall city when it is to be finished consists of 5 sites. Site 1 is currently in the works which is called Phu My Hung. This consists of 8 districts containing areas for business, residency, recreation, medicine, and more. With a plan like this, the company’s main focus is to ensure the Vietnamese culture is maintained and the environment is not harmed in the process of building this city. The city consists of large office skyscrapers and small villas so there is a balance between large and small buildings to prevent the building density from getting too high that it lowers the happiness of the residents. If development continues as scheduled, there will be housing for all demographics such as housing for minimalists or luxurious lifestyle. As Phu My Hung works towards becoming a completely developed city, the quality of life will remain the utmost important factor in the process.

Prior to visiting Phu My Hung, we wandered into a restaurant called Tokyo Deli to have one of the best experiences with food so far. We had to remove our shoes and sit on the floor at a low table which was a different experience in itself. When we saw the food put in front of us, all of us were either super excited or extremely skeptical. Although I didn’t know what some of the foods were, I definitely was excited to try everything on my plate. Thankfully, almost everyone enjoyed all of their meal and we had an overall excellent experience dining in a place that was very different from our usual dining setting.

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