Day 2: Having fun visiting Phu My Hung

The development of the Phu My Hung City Center located in South Saigon is truly a project that symbolizes the steps that Vietnam has taken to advance their society. A project that has recently begun to finally start making an impact after being originally proposed roughly twenty five years ago, it truly is a visual marvel. The hard work that was required to even get a city design plan in a place that formerly was a swamp, shows just how persistent and driven that the company founders are. This project also goes into the further globalization that Vietnam is experiencing as it took city planners and designers from countries all around the world to get this to the point it’s currently at.

Currently Phu My Hung has a five part plan to build different projects stemming off of their main central freeway and the City Center is only one of those five. This means that it is just the beginning of their plan to house and supply jobs to the rapidly growing population of Vietnam. The supply of housing to all demographics really seemed to be a focus of their mission as they highlighted the diversity of their current residents, as well as the variety of housing options they supply to accommodate people from varying social classes. In relation to buying a house in the United States the Phu My Hung City Center reminds me of the development of Levittown, Pennsylvania except with a much greater potential from the business side of the spectrum. The company also focuses greatly on environmental control as they claimed to have around 50 parks in the City Center, some of which are acting as buffers between the houses and the river that runs through the middle of the plan. Overall, I think that this was a great learning experience in city planning from a more Asian viewpoint, and as an aspiring civil engineer I felt right at home with this wonderful site visit.

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