Day 3: The Catholic University and Science Museum

Day 3 of our Italian experience was definitely my one favorite yet! Personally, I really felt like our group clicked today, and everybody seemed to be getting along really well and having a bunch of fun, which was awesome to see.

We started the day off with a lecture on the fashion supply chain with Romana Rinaldi at the Universita Cattolica. Romana’s background with top fashion companies and the UN really impressed me. I found her lecture very informational and I could tell that she really knows her stuff when it comes to fashion. It also excited me to see her stress so much about sustainability within the fashion industry, as I think it is something important and I am glad to see that it is recognized as such by many of the industry’s top players.

Touring the Universita Cattolica, learning all the superstitions of the building was fun. I really liked our tour guides, and I had no clue that the university was so big either. It was also really cool to see all the students there because it was the first time I got to see a large crowd of Italians who are close to my age and how they look and interact with one another. I also have to say that the food there definitely beats out Market Central back in Pittsburgh.

The tour of the Science Museum was also very enjoyable. Again, I like hearing from Mirella because I enjoy how passionate she is about Italian culture. Without her energy, I think such a long tour of the museum would have been a little brutal. The museum had so much to offer, and I picked up on quite a lot of information. The Leonardo DaVinci exhibit with some models of his work was of course awesome. I also really liked the Italian Space Exhibit, learning about the origins of plastic, and seeing the giant submarine too.


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