Our First Italian Friends

Today we had another great breakfast at the hotel. It was the first time I had a chocolate stuffed croissant and that was delicious! We started the day off by taking the metro to Universita Cattolica. The metro was definitely something to compare to the subway in the United States. They are very similar in idea, but I found the metro a lot easier to understand and a lot safer/cleaner. I was very busy when we took it because it was rush hour, so we had to be quick when getting on and off and squeeze in close together. The first thing we did when getting to the university was a lecture about supply chain. This lecture was interesting, but I still found it a bit difficult to understand the professor teaching it because of her accent. It is amazing how many people do speak English here, but I think because of how difficult the language is, the accents can still make it hard to understand the people even when they are speaking good English. Next, we learned about the school’s international programs and took a tour of the college. It was very nice to be able to speak to some of the students individually (in English) about the similarity and differences in our school and get some good recommendations about where to eat in Milan. The students were super kind and very excited to also learn about where we are from. I really enjoyed getting to know them. We then got to experience their cafeteria. The food here we thought was much better tasting than Market back home, and we noticed that they had a good system for getting rid of the dirty plates. The conveyer belt went all the way around the room which allowed there to be no line to drop off the trays. After the meal we tried to use the bathroom but noticed that instead of a toilet there was a flat area in the stalls with a hole in the ground. We decided to wait to go somewhere with a normal toilet.

The next thing we did was go to the science and technology museum. This was similar to some of the other museums I have seen in the United States. It was cool to learn about Leonardo de Vinci, learn how plastic was formed, and see a giant telescope. The tour was a little on the longer side, so when we were done many of us were ready to come back to the hotel and take a nap. Next, we plan on going out to dinner and trying to find a good place to get our first cannoli in Italy! We can’t wait for Lake Como tomorrow!

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