During my breakout experience, my team and I were challenged to unravel the terrorist plot so we could break out of our cell. We began this blindfolded and locked on a bench. Our first objective was to break out of our chains, so we could roam the cell freely. After looking around for clues with the limited space provided, we found ourselves a magnet. Using problem solving skills, we figured out that magnet is used to unlock the key with a code that was written on the bench. After breaking free and my hand slightly hurting, we moved around the room freely. Being a person that doesn’t mind working alone at times, I stared to look at some of the surrounding information. By doing stuff by myself, I was able to unlock clues later on. We were tasked to open several locks, which needed math skills, basic problem solving, and creative thinking. It was very important to not over complicate things and just go back and think about the basics. As we continued you through, my team and I knew when it was time to ask for help. We asked for clues when they were needed or we could have been stuck on that lock or problem for much longer. After we started to hit our stride, we unlocked several locks within minutes. We were closing down on the final 10 minutes and we knew it was going to be close. We all gathered as a team and worked hard to solve that last few remaining parts. We ended two clues short and we were almost able to escape. Overall, the experience was a lot of fun and learned a lot about myself and others. The biggest challenge while trying to escape the room was not to overthink things. Often, even in life, people tend to overthink things and bypass all the simple options. If we were able to think like the room was always against us, I think we would have gotten out. The people that decided to take this challenge one with me were Matt, Hannah, Erin, and Jordan. The strengths of mine that came into play were being able to do things on my own. By doing that, I was able to work on other parts of the room, while the rest of the group worked on other things. Also being competitive was one of my strengths. I take all things, especially breakout rooms, very seriously. I never like to fail and always get the job done and was kind of let down that we did not finish it because I have finished many before. One thing that I noticed about all my teammates was that were all very adaptable and could arrange things in a short manner. This was shown by their ability to take instructions and when a new problem hit us, we had to adapt our thinking to figure out the solution. Overall, our group worked very well as a team and hope to do another experience as team in Ireland!

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