Finally made it to Dublin!

After another long day of travelling, only getting two hours of sleep, and another delayed flight we finally made it to Dublin! We arrived to Dublin around 9:00am and met with our CAPA hosts, which brought us to our apartments, brunch, and a site visit to Enterprise Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland is a government organization that invests in start up companies to help them start, grow, and innovate with a focus on global markets, and eventually drive the business back to Ireland. Even though the jet lag kicked in during this presentation it was still very interesting to learn about what the company does. We heard from four different speakers and learned about each of their individual roles within the company.

One takeaway from this presentation that stood out to me the most was the information that Helen shared with us at the end. She provided us with recommendations that will be useful now and in the future. Her recommendations included: having adaptable skills, understanding that many business processes are moving online, learning how to work with others, continuing education even when in the workforce, and most of all follow your passion. Another component that really jumped out at me was how they offer a mentor network program, which helps advise and guide a company by helping them walk through solutions. In addition, I also thought the virtual reality was really interesting when they discussed how it was going to be used for education. I also thought it was very interesting how they said that entrepreneurs are more likely to be successful if there are multiple founders because each founder is able to bring different skills and help with different sides of the company. The last takeaway from this presentation was how much technology plays a role within in their company. It was very interesting to learn and hear about how they use technology in different ways to be a successful company.

Although I was able to takeaway a lot from this presentation there were still many parts that confused me. It was difficult for me to understand a lot of the technical terms difficult. I was able to pick up on some of the acronyms from taking Intro to Information Systems at Pitt, but there were still many terms and words that I did not understand or know. In addition, I was also very confused on how Enterprise Ireland is related to the government. I understood that they are a government organization, but I did not understand if they were a part of the government or worked underneath the government. I was also very confused on how Enterprise Ireland invests in funds in addition to companies. Overall, I was able to takeaway a lot from this presentation, but was still confused on a few of the topics that were discussed.

Immediately after the presentation started I noticed that all the speakers were very smart and passionate about their jobs. During the presentation I found myself being more cautious about what I was doing and making sure I demonstrated active listening by having eye contact, nodding my head, and taking notes. The presentation made me feel stressed and nervous, but I was able to manage these emotions by taking notes to help me understand what was taking place and pay attention during the presentation.

Today was a great first day in Ireland and I am looking forward to tomorrow to go on another site visit and explore more of Dublin.

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