Mantero Silk and Lake Como in the rain!

Today we had the pleasure of visiting a company called Mantero Silk, which was by far my favorite part of the day. The factory made pieces from silk for many companies including some big names like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. We got to see where the silk starts and how the patterns are printed on scarves or other items and sent out. It was cool because the items that we got to see probably won’t be in stores for a while, so it was very interesting to get an early preview of what’s in store for some of these companies. One thing that also stuck out at the factory was that none of the employees operating machinery were wearing protective gear. I’m not exactly sure what the reasoning is but I found that very interesting. Another thing I found interesting was that Mantero Silk said they also operated in the fast fashion market which includes stores like H&M, Zara, etc. This surprised me because I thought a company like this would strictly make pieces on demand from luxury or designer brands, but it was cool to see they have also moved into the retailer side of the industry.

Next, we headed to the beautiful Lake Como which was definitely a sight to see. Unfortunately, it was raining today but the lake was still very beautiful, and the low clouds made the mountains look even more grand. In Como, there is a church which they called Duomo, similar to Duomo Milano. I wondered why they called theirs Duomo if there was already a Duomo, but our tour guide explained that every city just calls their cathedral Duomo. The history of the town of Como was very well preserved and is exactly what I imagined Italian cities would look like. I loved the cobbled roads and beautiful architectures on the building, and the beautiful sights even made me forget it was raining. 

Having our first company site visit made me really look forward to the ones we have coming up. I now know things that I want to look for at the other companies and some potential questions I can ask.

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