The Glass Chicken that Lays the Glass Egg

Our second site visit of day three started with Glass Egg Media. G.E.M, a predominantly Vietnamese firm, is utilized by clients in order to outsource video game and software design. While they mainly stick to the creation of vehicular models (spaceships, cars), they have started to design other elements, like characters, weapons, and so on.

The view from outside Glass Egg Media (no pictures allowed inside!)

As a firm that works with many international clients, it’s safe to assume the existence of potential challenges. Our host, the current COO of the company, touched on the professional differences between certain nations, specifically Japan and China. Additionally, time zones can prove to be difficult; this requires Glass Egg to maintain a very flexible level of adaptability. One of the last dilemmas included a difference in artistic vision, partially due to location. To an American artist, the idea of a certain concept may mean one thing (like the Dark Knight, for example). However, a Vietnamese designer could interpret it entirely differently. Our host stressed the importance of retaining clear communication in order to prevent these type of issues from occurring.

Due to their unique location in Ho Chi Minh City, Glass Egg Media does enjoy a select number of benefits. Most importantly, the strategic placement of their firm allows for low levels of competition. Although the rivalry remains high in places like China, they are able to maintain a strong presence in Vietnam. G.E.M emphasizes an impressive reputation supported by their many successes. However, it’s important for clients to consider looking at Glass Egg when contemplating potential designers. Due to their location, Vietnam is often seen as “out of the way”. The COO mentioned that while a client can view 30+ video game development companies in China, they will most like find 2-3 in Ho Chi Minh City. This can be viewed as both a positive and negative to G.E.M.

Despite doing business in a highly competitive field, Glass Egg Media remains confident that the majority of its work will stay in the game / software design industry. As for future growth and expansion, our host touched on the possibility of AR. Additionally, Glass Egg has created its own smaller mobile company, referred to as Tirawa. They have franchised a brand by the title of “Sofia and Jack” which seems to have been a great success. The COO was very happy with its outcome and speaks positively about growing the mobile business even further.

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