Enterprise Ireland Visit

Enterprise Ireland is is government funded agency that looks to help start-up companies. They work with Irish enterprises to help them grow, start, innovate, manage, and create jobs. They do this for future success in the Ireland economy and to hopefully bring in more taxes on a later date. They also look to win the global export market by helping these companies be successful all throughout Europe.

Jumped out at me

  1. The first thing that jumped out at me was that Nile was an entrepreneur and had created his own company before this. Also, that he wanted to fill his entire team with entrepreneurs. I think that was interesting because we see in America that most government agency don’t seem to function well, don’t have the right people, and take a long time to get the job done. It just seems like they have the process down.
  2. Another thing that jumped out at me was their growth as organization. They were looking to go up another two billion dollars in the export markets, which looked like a subnational amount for them. Showing to met they they are being very successful.
  3. The third thing that jumped out me was how well they were connected throughout Europe and the world. They had offices in every corner of the world and are able to send business where they please in order to give them future success.
  4. Another thing that Enterprise Ireland offered was the ability to offer advice research for these companies in their lab. They are able to come in and do great amount of research with the tools that Enterprise Ireland has to offer and wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.
  5. The main thing that jumped out me to was their size. The fact that they work with over 400 companies each year as an organization is incredible. That requires a lot of communication and team work. That must also mean their staff works pretty hard to with these companies in order for them to gain future success or that many wouldn’t be applying.

Flew over my head

  1. The first topic that flew over my head was the whole deal with exporting good. I didn’t really know what was going on and got confused with why and how they were doing it.
  2. Another topic that was hard to understand was when they would talk about the different stages for a company and all the acronyms. I sat there and just felt like I knew nothin on that topic.
  3. Finally, the process at which they chose companies was difficult to understand. It felt like it would depend on each company for what they were looking for and I just wasn’t sure what it is they are looking for through each sector.

When I am in the situation where I don’t have a complete understanding of what is going on, I try to take it all in. I will read the slides and try to pick off parts that I do understand. After the presentations, I will talk to other people and ask questions about what was going on, so I didn’t continue to feel clueless. When this happens, I don’t really get upset or mad because I know I don’t know everything and you can always keep learning. I just try to do what I can with the information that was given to me and build off of it to the best of my abilities.

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