Young Skilled Workers + Low Labor Costs = Tons of Foreign Investment

As always, I started the day with Pho and Vietnamese coffee and got on the bus to go take the Vietnamese language class, followed by the lecture on the culture and history of Vietnam. Interestingly, I learned that Vietnamese people count the numbers in the same way as Korean people, which helped me to get the concept very easily. After the classes, we went to get lunch at a food court where I got 2 dishes and 2 drinks for less than ten dollars. It was very loud and busy at the food court, which might have been uncomfortable for new visitors, but I personally liked it as I was able to feel the local atmosphere and the culture.

After shoving food into my stomach as everyone started to leave, we went to visit the asset management company, Vina Capital, where we learned how the significant amount of foreign direct investment contributed to development in Vietnam. Relatively lower labor costs in the country have led companies from around the world to invest in or to offshore to Vietnam as many developed countries are in the mature stage of growth. For example, South Korea started to invest tons of since 2017 as they reached the point where the growth slowed down noticeably. To prevent this kind of problem that has happened in many developed countries, Vina Capital works with the government and proposes different programs that have worked in the United States. As long as the government and companies efficiently manage investment, the growth is expected to continue for at least 10 more years. Overall, this increasing demand in the market has been attracting a lot of experts from various countries including the United States and South Korea, and I hope that I become one of them in the near future.

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