A Day at Café Monteverde

Today we visited Café Monteverde, another coffee farm, and met with Don Guillermo, the head of the company. He discussed the history of Café Monteverde, its current operations, their focus on sustainability, and then we toured all the farms. Café Monteverde was established in 1989 by three different families, one being Don Guillermo’s. Besides being a coffee plantation and selling its own different types of roasts, Café Monteverde operates as an education location on the importance of sustainability. Their mantra that represents their company is “Life Monteverde”, where life stands for “Low Impact For Earth”. Don Guillermo explained how Café Monteverde strides to be environmentally friendly; they use different types of renewable energy, promote biodiversity by planting coffee with bananas and plantains, create their own fertilizer from natural sources, and have designed a system where each step feeds back into a cycle for growing their crops.

What I admired most about Don Guillermo and Café Monteverde is that their motivation is bigger than themselves. They pride themselves on working for a better planet, instead of just turning a profit. They were happy to inform others about sustainable farming practices, as it has become the trend within farming. Additionally, I could tell that the advantages of having a family-run organization played a major role in the success of the company. The issues they face include the cost of the way they operate, as it’s more expensive to be mainly sustainable instead of copping out and using synthetic pesticides. I enjoyed learning about Café Monteverde as sustainability is something that I’m passionate about. I appreciate companies that have a focus on sustainable practices, and I look forward to visiting the Cloud Forest tomorrow.

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