Farmer for a Day

Since farming and agriculture is so crucial to Costa Rica’s economy, it is essential to understand the lives and personalities of the nation’s farmers. Since most people who tend the fields are Nicaraguans, the Tico farmers are often running a farm or plantation or have a higher position than simply a field worker. Like Don Guillermo, many Tico farmers are concerned with the environment and maintaining the beauty of their homeland. Their lives consist of a continuous cycle of planting and harvesting seasons, both requiring attention to all facets of a farm. As a result of this lifestyle, the farmers are constantly taking every measure possible to avoid a bad harvest and to avoid leaving the environment worse than it was previously. It is these concerns that are what makes Ticos farmers throughly enjoy their hard work’s results, both long term and in the short run.

Unfortunately for the Tico farmers, the world keeps changing into one with less social awareness and decreased human interaction. This may lead to reduced sales as consumers have not cared about buying eco-friendly goods and it doesn’t appear consumer tastes are changing. Don Guillermo and Café Monteverde go out of their ways to develop bonds with the Nicaraguan workers they hire and try to keep nature in mind so as to avoid less of ethics when doing business. While the future may bring many undesirable things to the Costa Rican farming industry, technology can be a great help to finding new methods of sustainability. As engineers find newer ways of harvesting renewable energy from the Earth, better technology will accompany these findings and serve to increase sustainability in farms and plantations in the future.

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