It Might be Time to Transfer Universities

Maybe before I went to Pitt someone should’ve told me college in Beijing was an option. Just kidding, but I sure loved the visit to the Central University of Finance and Economics today. Though I’m still fighting jet lag on my second day in China, an amazing breakfast at my hotel definitely woke me up for the scenic bus ride. Never had I had such a big spread of food where I couldn’t say that I didn’t like any of the food.

At the university, I had my first lecture since before finals to start my summer off right. I learned about big data as well as the differences between China’s online shopping culture compared to the United States’. As a chemical engineering student, I’m usually not thinking about the processing of large amounts of data and how its acquired but this lecture definitely caught my interest. I also learned how there are not a lot of cars compared the population of the country even though it always looks like traffic is a mess every time I’m on the bus. After the lecture, another professor at the university educated my group on how China and the rest of Asia is connected to mostly everything in our lives. Little did I knew that Popeye the Sailor was based off of a eunuch from Chinese history.

The university lunch was an extensive buffet of foods I never even thought I would try and I think Market Central could take a couple notes. To name a few dishes, there was boiled fish, wild mushroom soup, spareribs with brown sauce, blueberry yam, spicy prawn, cauliflower, and baked pumpkin with egg yolk. I consider myself brave for still eating a dish mainly made of out pigs blood even after Dr. Li made sure that everyone knew. My favorite dishes were the blueberry yam, the Chinese bread, cauliflower, and a dessert that I never really got the name of. After my second full day here, I’m happy my chopstick skills are getting better by the meal.

At the university I got a look at the library I wish the Hillman library at Pitt was. Not only did they have a great seating system worked out, but the inside of the building was just beautiful. My group was taken on a tour of the building which had a great gallery of pictures that showed the topographical diversity of the country of China. The university students there were also welcoming and talked with us about their university experiences that I could compare to my own

We ended our visit with jump roping and a hula hoop competition in business casual with other university students. Even Dr. Li joined in to jump rope with us. When we split into groups for a small contest to see who can get their group through a hula hoop five times the fastest. Unfortunately for me, my group lost and had to perform an acapella version of Old Town Road for everyone else. All in all, I had a great time chilling at the university and meeting the Chinese students there.

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  1. Wendy L Vance says:

    Sounds like a great 2nd day!

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