May 6th: Scavenger Hunt Through History

I started the day with a great breakfast from the hotel consisting of croissant rolls, slices of meat, eggs, and fried bacon. Fried bacon was something I didn’t know existed and I didn’t know I needed. Wow was it good! Afterwards we took the tram to the university and were instantly put to work with our groups on an intro presentation for our company. This was also a great experience to meet the German students in my group and hear about their interests.

After presentations we went to lunch which was surprisingly high quality because it was the university dining facility. I had pasta with a cream sauce and tiramisu. I’m not entirely sure what the pasta was but it sure was delicious! I also got my first opportunity to try Mezzo Mix which is a mix of Cola and Orange Soda. I thought it tasted like Orange Vanilla Coke which is recently new to the United States.

Next we did a scavenger hunt led the graduate students from the University of Augsburg. It was great to get to know them because they will be coming to the University of Pittsburgh for the fall semester! The scavenger hunt took us all around Augsburg and often had us imitate the poses of famous sculptures.

University of Pittsburgh Students Touring The University in Augsburg
My Scavenger Hunt Group Imitating the Statues Outside The Dom
(Mezzo Mix in Hand)

The hunt started at the University and took us to see the soccer stadium and many other sights that we saw on our tour yesterday. The scavenger hunt was put together excellently by the graduate students because it allowed us to learn more historical facts while getting accustomed to getting around the city. It also gave us the opportunity to speak to many locals. A lot of questions on the scavenger hunt were common knowledge for people of the city so the instructions said to ask around. The final stop on the tour was at the Riegle Brewhouse where we got to try different beers (non-alcoholic). Personally, I did not love the taste but many other students did. While at the brewhouse we got the chance to ask one of the graduate students question that came off of the quiz we took before coming to Germany. Naturally she got many of the questions correct but one or two tripped her up. I found this interesting because the quiz was so easy for someone who has been a part of the culture for their whole life but it was so challenging for most of us.

Once we were finished, the graduate students led us to an Italian restaurant called Dragone’s which is where we had dinner. Ordering was somewhat difficult because the server did not speak much English. It was also confusing because, here, peperoni is not what it is in the United States. Peperoni here is actual peppers and salami is the slices of Italian meat. To avoid any confusion I decided to get the ham and mushroom pizza. It tasted great however, the pizza wasn’t sliced!

Unsliced Pizza

In Europe the pizza is eaten with a fork and a knife which I did not know before. This made it very hard to eat at first but after several minutes I got the hang of it. After dinner we went back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep after a long, first full day in Augsburg.

Highlight of the Day: Talking with the German graduate students and telling them all about what they will experience during their semester at Pitt.

Low of the Day: Hand cramps after eating an entire pizza with fork and knife…

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