It’s My Way or the Huawei

I didn’t expect to visit a modern palace during this trip only maybe historical ones, and I especially didn’t think that I would during one of my two company visits on the third day of the trip. That clearly wasn’t the case when I visited Huawei. Huawei’s tour made everyone’s jaw drop not only at the beauty of the building but the technologies the company was developing. First was the 16k projector that looked a little bit too real for me. Huawei showed how it’s the forerunner in 5G technology that is going to revolutionize the world and lay the groundwork for self-driving cars and more advance artificial intelligence. The company also impressed me with their phone section especially the cameras on their phones. On one of their newest phones, the Huawei P30, the zoom was incredible and let me see words from far away that I couldn’t see with my eyes. We later went into a conference room to ask questions and we were served tea and cake. The only question I really wanted to ask at that point was where I could get a Huawei phone back home. Even on our way back to the bus, when everyone took a bathroom break, it just turned into everyone being too wowed by the bathrooms to even use them. I never thought I would see a self rising toilet seat in my lifetime.

VIP Kid was also a nice company visit, though Huawei was definitely my favorite of the two. VIP Kid is a service for Chinese children to learn English through online sessions with American teachers. My group and I got to walk around the office and the global director gave us a short overview of the company and gave us a chance for a question and answer session. We grilled him with questions about all of the aspects of the business so much that I could probably handle day to day operations. This company was very interesting to me because of how the teachers are independent from the company, similar to drivers for Uber, so they can use VIP Kid as supplemental income to regular teaching. It is also interesting that as American teachers lose benefits the company benefits from an increase of teachers. A big talking point in politics is China taking American jobs away, but with VIP Kid, a Chinese company is now giving jobs to Americans.

It was amazing to see the Bird’s Nest up close and really admire the effort that must have of went into creating the stadium. The way the steel beams were bent and weaved together honestly seems impossible, but somehow it was done. The fact that I visited the park at night really helped me really see the colors of the “Cube” which I’m not completely sure its use. My favorite part of the whole park was the size and calm atmosphere, and the only thing I think I missed out on was not getting a chance to get into the stadium.

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