Audi Plant at Ingolstadt, a Brief Time in Paradise (Day 6)

May 9th, 2019

Today was the earliest wake-up yet. Unfortunately for Brett, I was not aware of myself until 6:30, and my alarms had been going off since 5:45. I hurried up and got dressed and had a quick breakfast before boarding the bus to Ingolstadt. I knew today would be the best company visit yet! The bus ride was very picturesque, and I saw many open fields. Here is one particularly beautiful view I had below:

The View from the Bus on the way to Ingolstadt this Morning

After about two hours on the bus, we arrived in Ingolstadt. I could tell we were getting close because I saw more and more Audis on the road as we got closer! We finally arrived at the Audi plant and museum at Ingolstadt, where the company manufactures its Q2, A3, A4, and A5 models, along with its S and RS variants. Right away, we could see some very nice cars, including several R8 V10 sports cars. One interesting thing I noticed was that Audi customers would come to the Audi Forum to pick up their cars. The joy in their faces when they picked up their new Audi was plain to see, and I would love to be in one of their shoes.

Audi Museum Plus Ravi

After initially admiring the grandeur of the plant and museum, we began our awesome company tour. We were given a presentation about Audi’s innovations and its work in a worldwide setting, including its new efforts in electrification with the E-Tron.

We then took a tour of the factory to see the manufacturing process for the vehicles. It was unlike anything I had anything I had ever seen before. The level of automation in the factory was very impressive. Robots completed most of the assembly of the frame, and I got to see it all happen. The factory was massive; it has an interior road that stretches over 1 km in length! It was so cool to see the marriage of an RS5 chassis with its corresponding body. The tour was super interesting, and I wasn’t bored for one minute. How many other people can say they’ve seen an Audi built from the bottom up back in the United States?

After our tour concluded, we were left to go to lunch, shop, or go to the museum as we pleased in the next hour and a half. Lucas, Justin, and I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour in the museum admiring the history of the company. I was amazed to see the car of the day, the Audi R18, which was Audi’s LeMans car in 2016. The one we saw took third place in its class!

The Car of the Day: Audi R18, Audi’s LeMans Vehicle from 2016 that Placed 3rd in its Class
Engine from the Audi Museum
Audi 90 Quattro IMSA-GTO, an Audi Racecar from 1989

We then visited the shop and had some lunch. After that, we heard a presentation by Herr Peter Will, from Audi Urban Solutions, who was accompanied by Herr Guido Bauer. They gave us some insight into Audi’s innovation process and goals for the future. We learned that Audi has a zero-emission goal by 2050, and it is taking the first steps toward that goal today with the E-Tron. Audi also plans to address increased urbanization with ride-sharing solutions like Audi On Demand, which allows customers to rent an Audi quickly and efficiently. The presentation also addressed challenges facing Audi after the emissions scandal, how it plans to tackle autonomous vehicles, and Audi’s position as a “progressive premium” manufacturer.

After the presentation, I was exhausted from our exciting day. I slept for the entire two hour bus ride back to Augsburg. When we got back, Brett, Nick, and I visited Murdock’s for a cheeseburger for dinner. It was really good! Today was the best day of the trip so far. I’m curious what Faurecia will be like tomorrow!

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