A Gelato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Today was a really great day. We had a lot of free time to explore Milan on our own. We started off with breakfast in the hotel and then walked through the new part of the city to go to the store 10 Corso Como. This store is very interesting. You walk in through a small courtyard and then the first floor has very expensive designer clothes and accessories. When you go up the steps you can see this interesting sculpture in a room by itself and then a few more steps up is a large room filled with books and other expensive gadgets. The store also has its own restaurant and outdoor area. I thought it was super cool because I have never seen a store at all like this. It had so many different aspects all combined into one. Next, we went on a walking tour of the fashion district. We walked through the streets that they covered the old canals, and it was very interesting to hear about how useful the canals were before they got the water systems they have now. We were even able to see an old lock that Leonardo de Vinci invented. When we arrived at the golden block, we could see many famous name brand shops like Armani, Gucci, and Tiffany’s. It was fun to go window shopping as we walked by.

After the tour, we came back and took a quick nap and then walked over to get lunch at a cute little restaurant in the new plaza. We found a place that had a bunch of pens which was exciting because I love looking at new pen brands. After this we went back to Eataly and did some shopping in the grocery store area. We got some great gelato and then walked back to the hotel in the rain. Tonight we are taking it easy because our feet are starting to really hurt because we are walking almost 10 miles a day. We are about to pack for Verona tomorrow. Overall it has been a great week in Italy ,and I cannot wait for the next week.

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