10 Corso Como & Milan Fashion District: Day 7

For the last day in Milan until Verona, we spent it further immersing ourselves in Italian fashion culture. We started off by taking a walking tour of Milan and a high-end innovative retail store leading to the iconic Fashion District. This store was nothing like anything I had ever seen before in the United States, as it was not a resale store or any concept similar to that. There were exclusive designer goods that are not sold in stores. 10 Corso Como had a blend of many high-end designers and provided a unique location for avid shoppers to find different limited addition products. After visiting this area, we got a walking tour of Milan again and got to hear about the origins of some buildings and historical facts about small landmarks/historically significant locations. The most unique part about Italy that will always amplify any experience is the architecture. All the streets could have a similar utility to streets in different countries but it is the architecture that creates the atmosphere an culture.

Site on Milan Walking Tour

We ended our day at the Fashion District aka the Fashion Quadrilateral as it is a small rectangle of stores that make up 12% of Italy’s income. This area is full of high end, luxurious stores like Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and many many more. There were also less expensive stores like Zara, Oysho, Adidas, and Urban Outfitters. I ended up staying in this area shopping until I dropped of exhaustion, but it was worth surrounding myself with the unique architecture, and design setup of the location. Besides major fashion cities like Beverly Hills across the country for me, this experience is unlikely to occur in the middle of Northern Virginia. Having repeated clusters of luxury brands like this, demonstrates the widespread importance of luxury, quality, and fashion in Italian culture wherever you go.

Fashion District

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