Art on Art on Art

With today being Saturday, we had no lectures or site visits today, so we didn’t have to dress business casual and we got to do some exploring of Buenos Aires. Specifically, we walked around the neighborhood of Palermo, which is filled with street art and a cute market around a park. It was a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather for walking around the neighborhood. As a group, we walked down a street that was perfectly lit for taking pictures and had lots of different art on each side. My favorite art here was a painting of someone on a bike on the Moon with Earth in the background and space all around. I really liked this because I find space to be really interesting and cool. I like to see the Earth from the space perspective, as it looks in the painting on this wall. I also think the space sky in the back is so pretty with the different galaxy colors and stars all around. One of my other favorite things we saw on this street was a bright orange house. Orange is one of my favorite colors, especially when it’s super bright, and with the Sun hitting it, it was so pretty to look at.

Street Art in Palermo

After lunch in Palermo, we took a bus to the MALBA museum of modern art. We walked around the photography floor first and we had fun making up stories about the people or the events happening in each. Then we went a floor below to the modern art paintings. It was really cool to see the modern art from the Argentine perspective because I already knew what modern art in America is like. Also, we saw an original famous Frida Kohla painting. I remember always learning about her in my previous Spanish classes, so it was really cool to see an actual painting by her. It was really nice to just walk around with everyone on the trip at our own pace and take in the art for what it is. I am excited for tomorrow, which is going to be another nice day and were going to a ranch! ¡Hastaluego!

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