Day 7

Today was a rather relaxing day. After a long day yesterday, we were able to sleep in a bit and enjoyed a nice day filled with sunshine, walking tours, and lots of paintings and artistic displays. Early in the morning, we found out that our polo match is unfortunately canceled and we were given the option to go on a walking tour in the neighborhood of Palermo instead. On this trip, we were presented with a lot of unique murals. The combination of the colorful backgrounds from the murals and the lighting from the sun most definitely created a few quality instagram posts today.

Later on the day, we were fortunate enough to visit the Museum of Modern Art in the city. In my opinion, this museum contained a lot more of interpretive art than art pieces that would be characterized under romanticism. During our visit, an art piece called “Susana y el viejo” or “Susana and the old man” stood out the most to me. The picture featured a naked women laying on a bed contemplating her life and an old man looking in the background. However, the persons’ faces featured in the painting seemed not to match their bodies.

This is my understanding of the painting and why it was significant to me. The faces of the persons did not match up with their bodies because the people that the two people loved were not the same people that they slept with. After they have had sex, both people became frustrated and angry with themselves as they used sex with another person that they did not care as much as a way to get rid of their lingering feelings about the person that they truly cared about. At the moment described in the painting, Susana and the old man felt shameful and regretful about their decisions. Perhaps, Susana is not the name that belongs to the naked girl’s body but the naked girl’s face.

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