Becoming Art

Today we visited the neighborhood of Palermo, famous for its colorful street art. The most beautiful piece I saw was that of rainbow painted wings with the words fly, happy, grow, libre (free), sueña, ama, suelta, and ríe (laugh). The wings had space for a person to stand in between, so when we had free time, a group of us took turns taking pictures of one another. My favorite part was the word fly as it was central to the painting and was in bigger, bolder letters than the rest. While it was not only just pretty, it was also inspirational. It reminded onlookers to smile and laugh, to be happy and free, to grow. The bright colors inspired the happy attitude with which it requested from each person. I also loved how it was art that allowed people to be a part of it. Not even just a part, rather, it invited each participant to become central to the piece. The piece also integrated Spanish inspirational words as well as English words so that it could reach even more people.

Another wonderful thing about the piece is how it made me question how I can be more involved in art. After getting to become a piece of the art, I was curious to know how modern artist are continuing to grow and adapt to a changing world to allow the viewers to interact in new and innovative ways.

The entire city of Palermo was covered in art like this and it was incredible. The universality of art is so baffling and mystifying to me, and I’m not quite sure it will ever cease to amaze me. There is something so incredible about how art is able to portray so much with no words. Visiting both Palermo and then the MALBA museum was incredibly gratifying especially because I have so rarely been able to see art from cultures other than American or European origins. It has definitely made me more appreciative of both the individual culture of each piece and the complete universality of it all. Buenas noche Buenos Aires!

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