Day 7: Finally the Weekend

Today was a very relaxing day. We went to visit the neighborhood of Palermo and went to the art museum. I really enjoyed seeing places other than Austral and Recoleta. Palermo was a very colorful city filled lots of street art that I really liked. I have always been a fan of street art because it is a form of expression like no other. They create an ambiance in the city.

One I really liked was this.


I really like the diversity in color. Somehow, I feel that this piece shows the diversity and the color of Palermo. The diversity and the environment of the neighborhood are shown by the colors, different shapes, and different patterns. It seems a lot is going on in the art, but the differences somehow all work together.

Not only this piece of art, but the whole neighborhood was also filled with color. There were a lot of flowers, which I did not quite understand how they are bloomed since the season in fall here. The neighborhood felt lively with a lot of colors and the street market. My friends and I looked around the shops and were able to buy handmade jewelry. Every stand had their own creations whether it was fur coats or succulents. Walking around Palermo in the sun was one of the highlights of this trip.

The other part of the day was our visit to the modern art museum, MALBA. I personally liked the paintings better than the photo gallery. I had no idea what the museum had for its painting collection. When we were walking around the painting gallery, we ran into the famous self-portrait of Frida Kalo. I was surprised and wondered if this was a real painting. But, as I took a closer look, I saw the texture and depth of the dry paint. IMG_9903.jpeg

It was a great surprise to see this famous painting in Buenos Aires.

Today was a very easy-going day that we all really needed after our busy week.  Tomorrow, we have an excursion to the Estancia, an hour outside of Buenos Aires. I am excited to leave the city and enjoy the nature of this country.

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