Day 6: Becoming Fashion Forward

Ciao amiche!

This is our sixth day in Milan, and by far our most eventful. We started our day with a company visit to Lineapelle, a luxury leather company headquartered in Milan. After we grabbed a quick lunch and were on our way to Milan’s very own fashion library. Originally the fashion library was scheduled for next week, but due to conflicts we moved it to today. It was a jam packed day for sure, and we went straight from the library back to our hotel for a lecture on Velasco’s new digital media presence. The day was successful in teaching me the ways of fashion in business, and my own major, marketing!

Lineapelle is the leading leather producer in the world and they’re known for their large range of luxurious leather products. We also learned a lot about the leather industry too and then how to producing the leather products themselves. Leather is a product that I’m not very familiar with. This lack of knowledge was fixed by the end of the visit, and I also got to feel a lot of different types of leathers that I didn’t know existed!

Our lunch was an exciting one, we were set on our own to explore so we went to the National Alpino Assembly. The Assembly was near a castle so we also got to tour the castle too! It was almost like a fair, with plenty of amazing food. It was nice to finally have a break from pasta and pizza and get some meat. The liveliness and culture of the people was also fun to watch as we ate.

We then made our way to The Milan Fashion Library. There were an endless amount of magazines, books, etc. It was cool to see how much fashion articles there were. And we roamed about for a little before heading back to the hotel.

We finished the day off with my favorite topic… digital marketing! Velasco is an Italian hand-made shoe company that has recently started to get into the digital market. They talked about the different media platforms and how to address each. It was interesting to see an Italian perspective versus and American one.

We’ve been here almost a week but time is flying by! Tomorrow we finally get to see the fashion district. I feel as though I’m becoming more fashionable every time I step outside. It’s true that Italians dress the best. Bye for now!

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