More Walking, More Eating

Today, we toured the fashion district of Milan and got the chance to see the quaint shops and unique buildings. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed seeing a different part of Milan. Unfortunately, a lot of the shops sold very expensive, modern clothes and I did not see anything that I loved so I did not purchase anything.  We also saw an old lock and dam that was used to raise and lower the water level in the canal. This was interesting because it gave me a glimpse of what technology was like back in the day. I was particularly struck by the gate because it was made of wood and it seemed like that would be an ineffective material to make a gate out of. 

After we toured the city and fashion district, my group of friends and I ate lunch. We originally intended to go to a restaurant that was recommended by one of our friends, but on the way we ran into a modern looking restaurant that had a large menu. The large menu was important to us because by now we are all getting sick of eating pizza every day so we wanted to try something different. I thought I was going to order a hamburger just because I wanted to see what American food was like in Italy, but as I was about to order I caught a glimpse of the burger and it appeared to be small and frozen so I quickly had to change my mind and ended up ordering a pizza again. The pizza was not that great and I was feeling tired from the previous night so overall lunch was a bit of a let down.

Moving past lunch, we thought we were going to walk to the plaza near the Duomo di Milano and hop on the metro station nearby. However, when we got to the metro station it was closed because there was the Alpino National Festival going on. They are celebrating the 100 year anniversary of their founding and to celebrate, about 500,000 men are expected to come to Milan from today to tomorrow and take part in the festival. We assumed the metro station was closed because of all the people at the plaza. Feeling disappointed because our method of transportation to get home was no longer available, we made the long walk home tired and dehydrated.

Once home, I spent the next couple hours catching up on my sleep and getting ready for dinner. We decided to go to a familiar restaurant and I ordered a delicious meat plate with pasta and meat sauce. To make the meal even better, the restaurant gave us free small fish appetizers and a free flatbread. This meal was one of my favorites and it also wasn’t that expensive because they gave us a few free snacks. It was the highlight of the day.

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