Day 7: Ciao Milan…Ciao Verona!

Buonasera, amici! Our second last day in Milan felt unreal. After a sleepy morning, our group embarked on a trip to 10 Corso Como. This establishment sells unique, expensive brands. The store itself felt like a very modern, posh boutique and even had a bookstore on the second floor, filled with artisan home goods and Italian books. Below is a photo of some Balenciaga merchandise on the display floor.

Balenciaga merchandise in 10 Corso Como.

From Corso Como, we departed on a walking tour of the fashion quarter of Milan. This was one of my favorite parts of the day, because we got to see many elaborate stores in the Quadrilateral. The streets, lined with simple rows of buildings, contained some of the most artistic and ornate indoor displays I’ve ever seen. A particular building we visited was Giorgio Armani’s palace near the Brera Art Gallery. His palace was also designed as a simple Italian row house on the exterior, but the tour guide mentioned how Italians like to hide their wealth and beauty. Many façades of simple buildings hold great beauty inside. This understated elegance used by rich families was a very popular trend, as to not be too garish or bold to the outside world. Then, we headed to the heart of the Quadrilateral, which houses 5000€ of worth per square meter. The Quad contained stores like Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Burberry. We passed by Via Manzoni, which was the busiest street in the Quad. It was a charming mix of old and new; it contained an Armani shop and the Grand Hotel of Milan, where famed composer Giuseppe Verdi spent most of his time. Italy has a rich musical history, and I’ve been happy to see small touches of music in my stay. Today, we saw a violinist performing on the street, and it made me very happy to see string music come alive from across the world. To cap off the Via Manzoni, there was a large gate that was built in the Middle Ages. During this period, large archways signified the entrance to significant cities. I particularly enjoyed seeing this mix of old and new history of Milan, because it exemplifies Milan’s journey as a city. Later, we all took a large break to relax and eat dinner. We ventured to Miscusi for vegetable pesto pasta, which was very satisfying after a day of walking 10 miles!

Lia with our gelato at Eataly!

Ciao Milan, for now. Tomorrow, off to Verona!

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