Day 7: Fashion and Food

Today we got to sleep in which was helpful in catching up on sleep and recovering from our busy day yesterday. After meeting in the lounge we visited 10 Corso Como in which the group was set free and allowed to explore the shop and see all of the products they sell. I was shocked by how expensive everything was, though most clothing in Italy is on the more expensive side. I was curious as to how this business is able to remain successful, and they admitted that there have been times of low profit but because Milan is covered in luxury brands they can always find buyers. I enjoyed being set free to look around because this is the first company visit that we were able to explore the site ourselves without a guide.

After being allowed to wander 10 Corso Como we took a walking tour of the fashion district which was very interesting. The history of Milan is fascinating because so much has changed over the years. Where we were walking used to canals that covered Milan that had water flowing from Lake Como into the city. It was interesting to see the devices that Da Vinci designed to help regulate how much water was coming into the city, especially when it would rain. We also learned about the history of some of the more expensive shops and why they are located where they are.

After our walking tour we were done for the day which was so fun because i was able to go back and explore my favorite parts of Milan. A group of my friends and I ended up at this pasta restaurant, and it was exactly what we need to regain our energy.  The food was delicious as was the conversation with the friends. It is fun to watch as we adapt more and more to the Italian culture each day.

As much as I love Milan and I am sad to be leaving tomorrow, I know that I will be back in a few short days. I also am so excited to go to Verona and be able to explore a new city and learn all about its history.

The next post from me will be from Verona, so until then ciao!

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