Day 7: The Fashion District in the Fashion Capital of the World

Hey Friends!

Today we finally got to see the fashion district in Milan. It was everything I’d imagined and more. I’ve been to New York City, but even the Big Apple doesn’t compare. There were blocks upon blocks of all kinds of stores. From high end luxury pens to new and chic kids apparel, there was anything and everything you could think of. It was also incredibly beautiful, as is everything here. The buildings and the colors are just so pleasing to look at. I for one most enjoyed looking at all the different types of expensive stores. Who knew pens could cost over three hundred dollars? I was in awe more than anything. There were so many stores and so many beautiful jewels and shoes and handbags in one place than I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime! I finally got to put a face to the companies we have been studying in supply chain.

After touring the fashion district we ate as typical Italians…. We got pizza! It was a nice lunch before we went back out to do a little shopping of our own (window shopping of course). We learned a little bit of culture here, like don’t sit down in stores unless you’re trying something on or don’t take pictures of any items. I wasn’t used to being in such high brand stores of course and didn’t know any of this stuff was frowned upon!

It was also cool because the Assembly of Alpinos was still continuing so there were a ton of fun characters and tents of vendors out in the streets. Milan seemed to be one big party and we were invited. It was cool to experience their culture like this. And I wish we would be in Milan again tomorrow so I could experience some more but we’ll be on our way to Verona. A change of scenery will be nice though, and I’m really excited to see the beautiful old architecture Verona is known for. I hope we get to see the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony, I’ve only read that book a million times in high school!

Time is going by so fast, we’ve been here a week already. I’ve fallen in love with Italy and their culture. I do miss American food though. Goodnight for now though, we’ll be traveling tomorrow morning!

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