Exploring Moher of Ireland

We traveled the entire width of Ireland! Today we explored the Barack Obama Plaza, Bunratty, Cliffs of Moher and Galway.

Our first stop was a rest stop breakfast opportunity. But this stop was actually interesting because it is named the Barack Obama Plaza. I walked in expecting just a normal rest stop but the first thing I saw was the Obamas on a cardboard cutout.

Barack Obama has Irish roots and the Irish love him. Our tour guide was saying how he genuinely lifted everyone’s spirits and he only visited for a couple days. He needed more security than the Queen of England! As I was checking out and probably as she heard my American accent, the cashier offered me a Barack Obama cookie. The Irish really embrace the U.S. here because I have also seen multiple American flags throughout the country.

Our next stop was to the old and beautiful Bunratty Castle. Across the street was The Original Durty Nelly’s established in 1620. As I said it’s old. It’s really something to visit a place with so much history.

Next was the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. I have seen so many pictures of these cliffs but in person it is a totally different experience. We had beautiful weather today and everything from the blue water, to the rocks and the cows was gorgeous and peaceful. These Cliffs are so green and lush.

Then we stopped in Galway for dinner and shopping. It was a very busy street filled with tourists, protestors and musicians. It was chaotic but somehow I was still at peace. The way the Irish people, for the most part, are relaxed and happy really made my experience more enjoyable. The Irish musicians were amazing and some of them had bands that had many people all thoroughly enjoying their art.

Tourismireland.com which is a government tourism website. There’s a TV ad on the website called, “Fill your Heart with Ireland”. I enjoyed this video and I think it does a great job of showing the beautiful sights that Ireland has to offer. Ireland has filled my heart to enjoy the scenery and the Irish culture. There are Irish people all around laughing, dancing, playing music and cracking jokes. I would definitely recommend others to travel and experience Ireland because I know everyone can take something away from the Irish culture.

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