Journey before Destination

After a long week of lectures, classes, and company visits, today’s visit to the beach was much needed. I was excited to lay in the sun and relax. As the saying goes, focus on the journey. not the destination. Our journey was a three-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City to the resort, Vung Tau.

After conquering the early morning city traffic, we reached the outskirts of HCMC. One long highway connected us to the beach. Below, I will go into detail about some different things I saw.

At first, small shops and houses lined the side of the highway.

Then, suddenly, large and expensive structures appeared. I saw luxury apartments, fancy houses, and even this cathedral being built.

Just as quickly, small farms appeared, along with smaller streets.

I was unable to get a picture, but I had to mention it. We drove past a Toyota dealership with glossy floors and new cars, and literally right next to it was a man herding goats near his home.

All of these scenes appeared on the same stretch of road. It was incredible to see the lives of people in these areas. They live small, but there is beauty in simplicity. Seeing tall buildings next to farms and shacks reinforced the idea that Vietnam is developing very quickly.

The beach was incredible! Our lunch was one of the best of my life. I ate the eye of the sea bass that was served, it wasn’t bad! We relaxed by the beach until the rain chased us out.

Vung Tau appeared similar to resort towns I have seen. I visited a Mexican resort, and Vung Tau is of similar size. Both had adequate infrastructure and plenty of shopping.

Tomorrow, I will go inside a tunnel.

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